STEP 1. Create Your Loyalty Reward Program

We’ll create an app to display with a store for your business to offer Customers Reward. Customers are invited to benefit from your loyalty reward program by becoming a member. They are assigned loyalty points each time they visit your online or offline store to make a purchase. We will even customise the reward with images to show-case your products on the customer’s mobile phone.

STEP 2 -Give the Customers the A.1 Powered QR Code

We’ll generate a smart QR code for your store which will be provided to your customers.

The QR code can be embedded in websites or printed out for display in a physical store location.

STEP 3 – The Technology tracks customers’ Points and Rewards for them

When customers hold their phone up to the QR code, the QR code will capture their email, create their loyalty membership and assign/track their points and rewards

STEP 4 Customers see how close they are to getting their Reward

Customers can view the Reward points they have accumulated from shopping the store and see how close they are to achieving a Reward in the cloud-based mobile membership app. This encourages them to shop more to get Rewards when they visit the store to make a purchase.